Code Enforcement

Most Common Code Enforcement Violations
Grass Code Violation Rubbish and Trash Code Violation Appliance and Furniture Code Violation
Grass Rubbish / Trash Appliance / Furniture
Vehicle or Trailer Code Violation Trash Can Code Violation Sediment on Roadway Code Violation
Vehicle / Trailer Trash Can Sediment on Roadway
Dilapidated Structure Code Violation Sign Code Violation Graffiti Code Violation
Dilapidated Structure Sign Graffiti

Service Request Process

Code Enforcement staff will listen to your concerns. Your contact information will be required so that we can communicate with you regarding the status of the investigation. Your identity will be kept confidential by Code Enforcement staff to the maximum extent allowed by the law. We will need a detailed description of the concern. We will provide information and referrals as available if the issue is not one handled by Code Enforcement.

Conway Code Enforcement can be contacted by phone at (501) 450-6191 or by email at

Reporting a Violation Online

Reports can be submitted to the Code Enforcement Office by filing a code compliance complaint.

In order to get the an understanding of the violation we require your contact information, type of violation, location information of violation, and if possible a recent photo of the violation in question.

Code Enforcement strives to achieve voluntary compliance. We educate property owners, business owners, and residents by specifying the code requirements and any corrective action to remedy violations observed. Property owners that are in violation of the City of Conway Code Enforcement Code will be notified of the violation. If correction of the violation is not made within 7 days of notification the city will take action to resolve the violation, at the expense of the owner. Education is provided through notices and correspondence as well as working in collaboration. Although the vast majority of issues are resolved through this method, Code Enforcement also employs a variety of enforcement tools to facilitate compliance. We view residents as partners in improving our community.

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