City Clerk's Office


The Office of the City Clerk connects the citizens of Conway and Conway City government providing a direct link between the City Council and City Staff. The Clerk maintains all official records of proceedings and documents.

Record Management

The City Clerk/Treasurer’s office maintains all official records of proceedings and documents. The Clerk/Treasurer serves as recorder for the City Council meetings as well as a board member on the Non-Uniform, Pension Fund Boards. Records Management preserves and protects the public record, providing fundamental integrity to the structure of our government. The Clerk/Treasurer maintains and provides access to all official city documents, including City Council minutes, ordinances and resolutions. He works closely with the finance department in providing financial reports and oversees the collection of the City's revenue.

The Clerk/Treasurer's office includes the Clerk/Treasurer and his Administrative Assistant.

To find official City records, documents, and copies of City ordinances visit our Record Management Page

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